Student Delegates

Camp Anytown LV is a three-day intensive experience.  Each camp serves 60-70 youth throughout Las Vegas who are referred by their school counselor, teachers, a community agency, or by independently applying.  Camp participants reflect the diverse make-up of our city so that youth have an opportunity to learn and grow from their experiences with others who may be different from themselves.  Camps are held twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.


There is NO COST to students and transportation to and from the campsite is provided from a centralized location (Cambridge Recreation Center.) Please note that there is a highly competitive process when applying. If selected, pertinent information will be sent out to parents/guardians. Students who are accepted and no call no show the day of camp will not be allowed to apply to a future Camp Anytown.






We are not only looking for established student leaders but students who have leadership potential who might not have had a chance to demonstrate it. We are also looking for students who might not fit the traditional idea of what and who a leader is.


What to Bring

A full list of what to bring and how to pack can be found by clicking here.