Camp Anytown Las Vegas

Creating inclusivity, respect, and youth leadership

through community and empowerment.


Upcoming camp:

February 23 – 25th, 2018


Camp Anytown Las Vegas is a growing movement training students in diversity and inclusivity through the use of youth leadership. Our leadership program includes the participation of 60-70 high school leaders, and over 35 community volunteers.  Student delegates are referred to the program through the Clark County School District, local faith houses, community organizations, and through personal/self-referral.  Through our fundraising efforts, we offer this camp at no cost. However, in order to be considered for camp, all applicants must be between the ages of 14 – 18 years old and be at least a freshman in high school. Camp Anytown is held at a Clark County facility in Lee Canyon called Camp Lee Canyon. At Camp Anytown students encounter:


Delegates nurture a sense of individual self-worth through power, privilege, race/ethnicity, gender, religion, and culture as integral parts of one's identity and it's important role in a multicultural US society.


Delegates learn about prejudice and discrimination and their efforts within our society and how perspectives shape our community and interactions.


Delegates encourage the acceptance and appreciation of people from different backgrounds in ways that enhances coexistence, cooperation, and interdependence in a community.




Camp Anytown is a nationally recognized, 50 year-old award winning training program for youth in leadership skills, human relations, and diversity.  With its historic roots as part of the NCCJ, ANYTOWN works from the premise that we live in a multicultural society and that young people are the nation’s future.  Therefore, youth need to be sensitized to the experiences of diverse groups if- as decision makers- they are expected to make fair judgments in improving the quality of life for the entire nation regardless of ability, ethnicity, faith/religion, and gender.


By direct exposure of participant’s to such differences and by offering them opportunities to work together, greater acceptance may be promoted through better understanding of people’s beliefs, traditions, and behaviors.  Each ANYTOWN serves as a proving ground where individuals can be changed into persons who can deal more effectively with the multicultural society in which we live by learning to create communities that are inclusive and which honor and respect every person.

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Camp Anytown Las Vegas is a three day intensive experience where students encounter a life change.  To fill out an application to attend camp, click the button links:


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Our Sponsors

 Together we make a difference to unlock futures for young people who just need a reminder that they can be someone who makes a lasting change in this world. Thank you for the continued support of these sponsors! If you are interested in donating please click here.




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